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  • April 30, 2021 12:00 AM      02:00 AM

    Sortie: 0429-T0407
    Date: 29 Apr 21
    Callsign: Draggin 1 (First A-10) 
                   Draggin 2 (Second A-10)
                   Draggin 3 (Third A-10)
                   Texaco: (KC-135 AI) 
    Primary: Intercept and Destroy Resupply Convoy
    Secondary: Air-to-Air Refuel

                  Darkstar: 257.0
                  Texaco: 268.0 
                  Al Dhafra ATIS: 251.500
                  Al Dhafra Ground: 251.200
                  Al Dhafra Tower: 251.100
                  Al Dhafra Departure: 251.300
                  Al Dhafra Approach: 251.400 
    Classroom: 2000 EST
    Step: 2030 EST

    Pre-Briefing: Intellegence discovered a supply of new armor is coming in and will be trying to get to Al-Ain. The insurgents are low after our last few runs on Al-Ain airport. Reports state there will be 2 convoys that should consist of Tanks, light AAA, and BTR-80's. Command wants these taken out before they reach Al-Ain! Download the Mission Kneeboad for details which will be reviewed during Pre-Brief. Expect some Low Level attack runs. And Don't forget to RSVP!

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