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Operation Moonclaw: Mission 2 - Hey I recognize you! Can we get a picture together?


Col Bender

Event details


Overview: Now that Bassal Al-Assad has been crippled CVN-73 with MAG-12 is moving eastward into the channel. Forward operating bases are going to be setup near Hatay to make a push towards Tabqah. Syria still has enough aircraft to take the marines on the ground who are busy engaging their ground forces.

Mission taskings:

There are two resupply convoys need to be taking out before they can make it their positions and push back the strike teams. One of the convoys is leaving Bassal Al Assad is believed to have one of the four horseman and he is trying to escape to the south to avoid US forces. We want to take him alive if possible so all efforts should be made to not destroy his vehicle. 
He drives a Landrover and should not be destroyed.


The 269th will be doing a snatch and grab the HVT once the convoy has been neutralized

The 25th needs to help the ground troops continue to push forward and clear an area that they can setup a FARP and ground base for forward operations.

The 36th are going to be removing the remaining ground forces at Hatay and surrounding anti air defenses along with any fighters in the air. The ground forces will move in and take Hatay to setup a base to use for our slower aircraft.

The 225th will be taking out anything remaining at Bassal Al Assad and rendering the airbase inoperable. Syria are moving some more artillery to the front lines to help push back the marine ground forces.

The 18th are tasked with removing those artillery pieces and surrounding munitions. Intel has shown that their are multiple convoys make their way to reinforce Hatay and Bassal Al Assad.


More info to come.





1: Cypher

2: Recon



1: NRG

2: Phoenix

3: Vishus(Maybe)



1: Cowboy

2: Brick

3: Madmurf (Maybe)


KB_Hitter.zip KB_Hunter.zip KB_Mustang.zip Brief_KB.zip

Edited by Maj Cypher


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