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Operation Moonclaw: Mission 3 - You think you can handle this?


Col Bender

Event details


Overview: Hatay and Minak (west of Hatay) have been taken by US ground forces securing two new air bases that we can forward deploy on. The Gunrunners will be deployed to Minak to help with the ground forces push to eastern front to secure more areas needed to continue progress making our way to Tabqah. The 25th will come out of Hatay giving them ability to deploy faster to help with the front lines and enemy supply convoy interdiction. Bassal Al Assad was able to hold out against a couple days of attacks from US air strikes and the US needs to make a good final push to render that air base inoperable. However, they have re-enforced the air base and bolstered some of their forces in hopes of standing ground against any more strikes. ISR was able to locate a tank and supply depot that has been sending ground forces to the northern front and it appears they are getting ready to send more to the front lines. We have a 8 hour window to hit that base before they are able to start rolling them out, if they succeed in moving them prior to us striking them we are going to have a very hard time finding them in the mountains.


More information coming as the event gets closer


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