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Operation Moonclaw: Mission 4 - We are going to need you to come down to the station


Col Bender

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Number 2 on the 4 wanted has been located by the CIA and have requested Seal Team Bravo to search possible compounds in Idlib that he could be at. We need to assault the compounds drop the Seal Team off at each location, pickup and extract back to the base so the CIA can interrogate them. There needs to be a coordinated strike to Idlib giving a small window so that number 2 has less chances to escape. We know number 2 has dedicated Mi-8s he uses for transport. Those will need to taken out before he can picked up, they will be leaving from Aleppo. The air base at Aleppo needs to be hammered out and made in operable like Bassal Al Assad so that we can push towards Tabqa.

Fiend 20210918.zip


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