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vPACOM Monthly JO -- Red Sky


Col Briggz

Event details


Operation Red Sky


Tensions are high in the Persian Gulf due to Iran gaining leaked intel about the UAE's most recent R&D facility working on long range ballistic missile research operating in Khasab's port. We've just received reports of two large groups of Iranian transport planes crossing into UAE airspace claiming navigational instrument errors, this combined with continuous harrasment of transport ships, and the sensitive location of the UAE's R&D facility, has resulted in coallition forces currently being tasked with increased patrols and various ATO's in order to negate any potential threats. We have an armor brigade made up of APCS and tanks, based out of Tawj and ready for ops if necessary. A 269th squad of Gunrunners are based just south of Khasab near Al Haqt, ready for deployment. Current defences for Khasab include a Hawk battery and multiple Linebackers.


Primary objective - Protect R&D Facility from any attacks

Secondary objective - Extract R&D Facility staff to a safe zone


MC - Briggz

JTAC - Rusty

AWACS - Angell


36th/18th    -  ATO TARCAP                              

25th         -  ATO CAS - ANTI ARMOR                      

225th        -  ATO  ANTI SHIP / TARCAP                    

269th        -  ATO CAS  / EXFILL   


Mission Flow
1. All flights proceed to Marshall points
2. All flights Check in on tactical
3. Maintain Marshall until tasked by Overlord
5. Monitor any audio transmissions and comply with any additional tasking from Mission Command
6. RTB on "INDEX"

Expected threats:  Armor (apc/tanks), Red Air(as detected), Ships(as detected), Infantry(small arms/rpg)











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