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25th Squadron Training Night - Back Home


25th FS
Lt Col Cactus

Sortie: 1031-T1001
Date: 31 Oct 20
Callsign: Draggin 1 (First A-10) 

               Draggin 2 (Second A-10)
               Draggin 3 (Third A-10)
Texaco: (KC-135 AI) 
Primary: Formation Flight around PG Map - Re-familiarize flight  

Secondary: Air-to-Air Refueling

              Darkstar: 257.0

              Texaco: 268.0 
              Al Dhafra ATIS: 251.500
              Al Dhafra Ground: 251.200
              Al Dhafra Tower: 251.100
              Al Dhafra Departure: 251.300
              Al Dhafra Approach: 251.400 
Classroom: 1900
Step: 1930

Pre-Briefing: Now that we're back home, it's time to take what we experienced in Syria and take it to the next level. First portion of our meeting will discuss changes and improvements that will be developing over the next couple of months, what to expect, and when, open the floor for Q&A, then go fly around the PG Map to become familiar again of where things are at, all while practicing different formations. If time permits, we'll hit the tanker. Take a look at the kneeboard for some of the formations we'll be flying.

Draggin Kneeboard.zip

  • Map Persian Gulf
  • Available aircrafts A10C, A10CII
  • DCS version DCS Open Beta 2.5

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