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36th Sq Trning - SEAD Training Mission of Qatar - NRG's Mulligan


36th FS

Event details


I've developed a SEAD Training semi-random generator that places a SEAD challenge in the coastal area of Northern Qatar. Our main objective for this session is to make sure that this training system works, and find out if it needs improvement / modifications. For this session, we'll be light on SEAD strategy / tactics, but once this tool works well and we're familiar with it, we should be able to do several SEAD training flights. The tool would also be available for anyone at any time on the server to go train with a small flight or even alone. I will spend some time in the briefing explaining how the menus work.


Note that load-outs will depend on whether or not a pilot is comfortable relying on AAR, so be prepared to make a decision. Non-AAR pilots will take 3 tanks, AAR pilots will only take a center tank and more ordinance. BINGO is 3000 - 3500lbs.



Datasheet 20201107.pdf

  • Map Persian Gulf
  • Available aircrafts F16C
  • DCS version DCS Open Beta 2.5

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