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Joint Op - SCUD Hunting.


Maj Cypher

Strike - Abu Musa - Iran is testing new SCUD missiles on the island and we have received orders to take them out before they can test launch the missiles:

BARCAP by the 36th on the north side of the island making sure nothing comes to interfere with the strike package. 
SEAD - 36th. Eliminate High Priority AA threats in AO, SA-15 and SA-11 with a possible POPUP Threat. 
STRIKE225th. Eliminate SCUD missile launchers identified by embedded JTAC with SEAL team on Abu Musa
CAS/DEAD - 25th. Will provide CAS as directed by JTAC and Destroy AAA/FLAK Threats on the island to ensure clear passage for 269th 
EXFILL- 269th will be tasked with extracting SEAL team from the AO after SCUD launchers have been identified and destroyed. 


Fiend1KBRD.zip Fiend2KBRD.zip

Edited by Maj Cypher

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