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25th Training Night - ROCKETS, YEAH!


25th FS
Col Cactus

Sortie: 0501-T0501
Date: 01 May 21
Callsign: Draggin 1 (First A-10) 

               Draggin 2 (Second A-10)
               Draggin 3 (Third A-10)
Texaco: (KC-135 AI) 

Primary: CAS for 269th

Secondary: Air-to-Air Refuel

              Darkstar: 257.0

              Texaco: 268.0 
              Al Dhafra ATIS: 251.500
              Al Dhafra Ground: 251.200
              Al Dhafra Tower: 251.100
              Al Dhafra Departure: 251.300
              Al Dhafra Approach: 251.400 
Classroom: 2000 EST
Step: 2030 EST

Pre-Briefing: Rockets are an effective tool for light vehicles and targets. Guided by a laser they can strike with pin-point accuracy. Tonight's training we'll find a convoy and engage with Rockets Only. Then wipe up what's left with Guns.  Don't forget to RSVP!

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