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MAG 12 Joint Operation

Lt Col Crazyhorse

Marina Air Group 12 Joint Op. 
A terrorist organization has made various attacks against US and their Allies using what the Iranians claim as "Stolen Military Assests". An Air Force U2 has found what we believe is one of the groups strongholds with some "Stolen" equipment on Lavan Island. There is 1 SA-19 Tungusta and 2 ZSU-23-4 Shilkas along with a few other Iranian assets. The Marines are being tasked with gathering intel along with capturing any HVTs on the ground by inserting MARSOC Marines at the stronghold. We need to find out if they really stole the equipment, where their money is coming from and/or if the Iranian government is feeding them assets to carry out strikes against the US and their Allies.


     Vikings will provide Reconnaissance, ground attack and air cover

     Gunrunners will insert Marsoc Marines at the stronghold and transport any HVTs.



       Gunrunners: 2 door gunners M134 Minigun, rocket pods 7x rockets


Viking 1 TGP, 2 Tanks (center/wing), 4 x GBU38, 2 x GBU12

Viking 2/3 1 TGP, 1 x Tanks, 8 x GBU38

Viking 2/3 (second launch) TGP, 2 Tanks (center/wing), 4 x GBU38, 2 x GBU12



Phase 1:  George Washington

       Gunrunners: Startup, load marines, head out to Lavan Island

       Vikings: Startup, takeoff

Phase 2: 

       Gunrunners: head towards Lavan Island stronghold

       Vikings: Recon island

Phase 3: 

       Gunrunners: head towards Lavan Island stronghold

       Vikings: Clear Island of any Anti Air / heavy/ light armor

Phase 4: 

       Gunrunners: Drop off Marines

       Vikings: Provide cover and reconnaissance 

Phase 5: 

       Gunrunners: Head back to GW

       Vikings: Cover gunrunners as they rtb
Phase 6:

        Gunrunners: Land on GW

        Vikings: Land on GW


Kneeboard - Sheet3.zip

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