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Gunrunner you sank my battleship


Col Bender

Suspected terrorists have taken an oil rig in-between the island of Sir Abu Nuayr and Siri Island. Seal team Bravo has been tasked with clearing it and taking he station back. The terrorists are believed to have Iranian warships that were decommissioned in the area and those need to be sunk. We know that oil rig had 3 high profile UAE diplomats getting a tour at the time and it is possible they were kidnapped. Draggin flight are the closet US assets in the area so they will be providing air support for the Gunrunners as they insert the Seal team.  


Mission #: 21-0502

Task Organization: Gunrunner, Draggin

Loadout: 2 door gunners M134 Minigun, rocket pods 7x rockets

Objective: Gunrunners will be boathunting

Mission Time: Day mission clear conditions.

Mission Details: 


Phase 1: Take off from the Tarawa with Seal team Bravo

Phase 2: Land on oil rig

Phase 3: Retrieve Seal Team Bravo

Phase 3: Approach Tarawa and land

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