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    Follow up on previous event training on the ECM / Jamming but this time with a PVP theme in mind.
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    on a wed. tho? not better on a Sat.?
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    Heyo I included this little clip just cause it highlights basic procedures and the common Frequencies used, not sure all countries use said frequencies but hey, they can try.
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    ECM / Jamming counter measures practice on the F16 platform VS various SAMs 1. Review and setup the jet. 2. Take off from Incirlik and proceed to one of the Sead ranges for OPS. 3. Load out will be Harms and hts pod
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    Su33 / Su27 / Mig29S getting familiar with red force airframes
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    This one is a maybe for me ... not sure why I don't have the maybe button for RSVP.. but we'll see it is Christmas eve after all
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    Practice with the ground radar (GM/GMT) to locate the convoys at Sifilke and the Tugrul range (STPT 23 & 24). - Take- off Incirlik then 4 ship formation flying to/from targeting range - Use GM/GMT radar to locate target - Use TGP to lock target - Use Mark Points for re-targeting - Engage with AGM-65D (or TBD) - AAR with nearby tankers - Land back at Incirlik Flight will be broken up into Baller 1 and Baller 2
  10. 1 vs 1 limited BVR / dogfight - ordnance = 1 long, 1 short, guns
  11. 18th Training --- Mig29 familiarization / setup / formation / weapons / landing
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    I might not make this one unless my GPU comes back from repair
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    18th Training TBD
  14. Overview of the changes on the Viper, formation practice and AAR Please review these videos for this training: 1. DCS: F-16C Viper | HARM Targeting System - YouTube 2. DCS: F-16C Viper | Mark Points - YouTube 3. DCS: F-16C Viper | Bullseye Update - YouTube
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