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    Staff Meeting


    Sorry - cannot make it. My better half made other plans, and I complied.
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    We're thinking something that would take us from Incirlik to the NE side of the Bay of Iskenderun, over Iskenderun, through the Belen Pass in the Nur Mountains, across Hatay's airport, SW over the Antakya plains to the Mediterranean. From there, back to Adana, along the Seyhan River and back to Iskenderun. But... let's practice that! 1769518191_SyriaOrientationFlightPrep20210908.pdf
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Reference materials for the first Syria Training Map (v01.1.6) that we plan to put on the server after the fly-in on Sep 4, 2021
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    Details to follow. Mission Fiends 2021 09 01.pdf
  5. until
    Urban CAS training with life JTAC - more info to come. 1386160364_Briefing20210825.pdf
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    ILS practice M210804.zip
  7. until
    Maverick Training 517358454_Mission2021072836th.zip
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    We'll go out an listen to Chevy's nine-lines.
  9. until
    Also the Belgian National Holiday - so F16 holiday!!, but really old ones. (Like the one in my (NRG's) profile image on this website). I anticipate and hope to get JSOWs, If we do, we'll go to the SEAD ranges out west (W UAE & N Qatar) and practice with them there.
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    We leave again from Khasaab. This time there will be 2 CAP circuits.
  11. until
    Somebody better fly a Mirage!! Training content TBD in function of JO plans
  12. until
    A2A combat in preparation of JO 777885226_Fiend20211007.pdf
  13. until
    Details to be determined. Default is to go up against A2A spawned bandits
  14. until
    Training - work on some of the essentials. Radio comms, airport departure / approach and overhead break, formation flying and formation switching. Some Basic Elements.pdf
  15. until
    With the release of the JDAMs for the F-16, we will be training on these new weapons tonight. Be sure to update your DCS client this afternoon! -Cypher
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