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  1. Lt Col NRG

    Wing Fun Night

    Fun Night Flight: You will be allowed to fly any aircraft of your choice. The most popular aircrafts will be available by default. If you have a special request please put it in the comments bellow
  2. until
    SEAD Training using the SEAD training ranges out west (W UAE and N Qatar)
  3. until
    Island Strike Mission that is being prepared by our very own Maj Cypher!
  4. until
    We will likely do BFM (Basic Flight Manoevers) - Offensive on this evening, if LtCol Fazzybear is available and ready for it.
  5. until
    Weather conditions will be poor vis and we will most likely fly night. Night ILS practice. 1428795318_KnBrd36thMission20210414.zip
  6. until
    36th Squadron - Orientation Flight Loudini
  7. until
    Night bombing over Al-Ain followed by in air refueling.Knbrd 36th.zip
  8. until
    Ground strike practice over Al-Ain or Al-Dhafra. Also moving convoys. Mavericks and LGB for Al-Ain / Al-Dhafra. I will plan on flying Fac/A. Dumb rockets and clusterbombs (CBU-87) for moving convoys. KneeBoard 36th.zip 1529626795_Brief36th.pdf
  9. Version 31.1.2 v1


    This draft is incomplete, but a lot of information about the regular training mission file is provided.
  10. until
    More detail to come
  11. until
    Comms training around airports.
  12. until
    We’ll fly using the regular V30.8.4 DMVC .miz file, i.e. the current standard training server set-up. We’ll fly from Al-Dhafra, loaded with MK8x (we’ll decide which ones later): unguided bombs and direct ourselves to Al-Ain. We may do 3 bombing runs, which, with return landings allows us to practice comms around Al-Dhafra. Briefing.pdf
  13. until
    CAP AND SEAD in preparation for Red Flag Fiends 5-1 Briggz 5-2 Fazzy 6-1 Atakor 6-2 Madmurf AWACS & ATC NRG
  14. until
    CAP & CAS Attack Mission A Fiend flight is to support our ground troops (at low altitude) as they come under threat from enemy ground attack aircraft at Seerik Other Fiends flights are to keep them safe from attack from the air from enemy fighter aircraft. Fiend 5-1Cypher 5-2 Briggz 5-3 Atakor (maybe) 6-1 Fazzybear 6-2 MadMurf 6-3 Delta )maybe) AWACS/ATC NRG Kneeboard20210210.pdf
  15. until
    One Fiend Flight will complete a ground attack using Mav-D. Other fiend flights will cover CAP. Over the evening, we will take turns, so each flight has an oppty to do ground attack. Fiend Flights 5-1 Cypher 5-2 Atakor (5-3 Delta) -is a maybe 6-1 Fazzybear 6-2 Briggz (6-3 Phoenix) - is a maybe 7-1 Madmurf 7-2 Jambock Magic (Awacs) and ATC Khasab: NRG Load-Outs CAP 2 x external tanks, 4 x 120C, 2 x 9X Ground Attack TPOD, 2 x external tanks, 2 Maverick-D,
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