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    VMFA(AW)-225 Fundamental Fridays - The Case 1 Recovery Pattern We'll go over the Comms, the Marshall Stack, the Case 1 Pattern, and Deck Operations.
  2. until
    Orientation Flight for Marauder.
  3. VMFA(AW)-225 Orientation Flight for Trueno.
  4. TBD, but likely we'll start working on instrument ratings.
  5. Maj Pinger

    Saturday Training

    This will be a night mission, gents. RSVP.
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    OF for Dawg
  7. until
    This is an appointment for an interview and OF for Aaron "Stumper" Stomski.
  8. until
    This is an OF with Applicant Snappy. We'll meet in Interview Room 1.
  9. Skills to be Trained: Case 1 Recoveries and practice for ICQs.
  10. Skill to be Trained: TBD
  11. Skills to be Trained: TBD
  12. Skills to be Trained: TBD
  13. This flight we'll work on a few things to knock get as many as possible to Missioner Ready on the Skill Board. Please note that all of these skills might not be covered in depth, as some "bundle" within others. Additionally, some have previously been taught and may only be covered briefly as a refresher. Primary purpose of this training is further preparations fo0r the upcoming Joint Operation. Primary Skills to be covered: 103 - Field Ops ATC Radio Comms 105 - Airfield Landings Overhead Break Base Leg On Speed AOA TACAN Approach 106 - Inst. Nav TACAN ADF Waypoint Yardstick 107 - Formation Rejoin Parade Cruise Combat Trail (Not on Skill Board) 108 - AAR Day Tentative Skills to be covered: 202- ATFLIR POV Lasing Target Identification 205 - Combat Formation Wheel 206 - Attack Comms Initial Point (IP) In Drop (Pickle) Out 207 - Radar Ground Moving Target 212 - JDAM GBU-12 (500 LBS)
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    IP Request by 2nd Lt. Aldz - Basic Flight Skills
  15. Orientation Flight for Thor
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