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    Orientation Foight for Nomis
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    Orientation flight for Chisolm (Callsign Apollo)
  3. CarbonEight,


    Thanks for submitting an application to vPACOM's VMFA-225th. In your application you don't list which maps you have. Not sure if this was just an oversight. We require Syria, PG, NTTR, and Supercarrier.


    Capt Stumper

    VMFA-225 SPO

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    Orientation flight for Bronco
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    vPACOM brief and OF for BigDave
  6. Orientation Flight for recruit Chapo
  7. Capt Stumper

    OF for CplHardcore

    Orientation Flight for CplHardcore
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    Sorry for the late response. I didn't see a training had been added until just now.
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