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18th Aggressor Squadron

About This Squadron

The 18th Aggressor Squadron is a subordinate unit of the 51st Fighter Wing based at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, and flies the F-16C and the F/A-18. The Squadron's Moto is "Know, Replicate, Teach", and as such being part of this squadron may involve operation of various air frames in order to fulfill our moto. Other airframes which would be flown as secondary roles in applicable situations may include the F15-C, SU27/33, MIG-21Bis, MIG29, F-14A/B, M-2000C, and the JF-17, provided the pilots can demonstrate efficiency in the required airframe. These scondary role airframes would not be normally flown, but implemented into our training as seen fit by command in order to achieve a more realistic training scenario addressing the dissimilar airframe training that our western airframe counterparts need.

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